Who is C4 ?

Fix what is broken or make what is good –great! I am thankful for the long and never dull career I have had as a result.

As an international strategist and marketer, I have never seen a one size fits all approach. So when I started C4 I did so with the goal of delivering focused strategies that make sense and marketing tactics that delivers results. I knew immediately I could not deliver these outcomes alone and worked to find an exceptionally talented and versatile team to create the tools needed to make it all happen while stretching that always questioned budget as far as possible.

The outcome; the C4 team delivers results that get noticed.
For us, each client is unique so boilerplate solutions don’t cut it. We believe you need to start at the root of the challenge then develop a powerful way to solve it. We ask the difficult questions and encourage our clients to not duck the difficult answers, it’s the only way to ensure we can deliver what you need.

The team at C4 understands that your company has goals, and to reach them you have a lot to consider. We work with you to decide which markets to enter, reinvent struggling products, differentiate your offerings, win in new and adjacent markets, protect from disruption, disrupt others, build a culture of innovation, an inclusive environment and so much more.

Together, we define and execute business, product and marketing strategies that are creative, practical, explosive, actionable and outcome-based. Results driven, customised strategies that include all the essentials.

By the way, if we meet and I don’t think we can help you; I will tell you. I am not going to take your money and not deliver.

We look forward to working with you,

Tracy Weller-McCormack

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