Awards & Grants

"We are all about reuse and repurpose. For us, in any submission, we want to ensure that what we create is viable for more than just your submission”

The process of entering awards can be very time consuming but certainly can give your business the edge and a voice.  For companies, submitting to industry awards program can be a strengthening exercise – helping to build a team culture that celebrates wins, sustainable achievements, increases awareness and market reach, engagement and ultimately revenue.

Grants and tender applications are a specialised but can deliver amazing great through when outsource. Each program is different and requires a different approach and review to ensure that you meet the criteria and where potential gaps are.

Our team can provide end to end management of smaller grant applications or be part of a collaborative approach to larger government programs, innovation and tender opportunities.


At C4 it is our years of experience in business strategy, marketing and innovation that gives us the specialist skills needed to win awards, grants and tenders for your business. We work seamlessly alongside your team, or manage the entire process, to craft a compelling, high-level submission that is engaging, responsive and informed.

We’ve worked with all sorts of business teams from large to start-ups and local family businesses. This broad perspective enables our team to identify a business’s strengths, and provides a different perspective.

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