A New Workforce

Very soon will be the one-year anniversary of my decision to leave the corporate world and go back on my own as a strategy & marketing advisor/consultant. Oddly enough, it wasn’t a difficult decision, it came quickly and once I made it the world seemed a lot brighter…. but that is for another article. I …

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The Trust Factor

When customers make purchases personally or as part of their job remit, what they really want in exchange for their money beyond clear value is a big spoonful of TRUST. Now more than ever trust is not only the most valuable asset a company can have but it is also the most easily broken.  No …

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The Acronyms Of Change

ACRONYM CONFUSION Every business trend, be it in human resources, finance or marketing, comes with its own new set of acronyms. Marketers are often asked why they make up so many acronyms around delivering to the customer. When it comes to “customer experience”, CX, TCX, UX, CEM and CRM, are all used. Understanding what these …

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