Customer Experience Is NOT Marketing !!!!

Sometimes “they” don’t know everything. There are far too many “experts” saying customer experience is the new marketing. Having worked on both sides I can tell you it definitely is not! When customer experience is done well it is aligned to business goals, aligned to culture and of course aligned to the customer. Customer experience is the total package. TCX – the total customer experience. Marketing is definitely a key part of that experience and must focus on what product/solution or service is being delivered and how to make it appealing to an audience who might want to purchase it. The world is always on – 24/7 and marketing needs to adapt and work to that. Customer Experience is about the entire journey a customer takes; from considering buying the product, the experience of using it, support services, and every engagement/interaction they have with the product and your company; it should even cover the exit strategy if they decide to leave.

The experience should be unique and by design. Experience belongs with the customer – marketing plays the key role in making your offering attractive – please let’s not confuse the two. Customer Experience can be a game-changer for an organisation – your differentiator to what your competitors are doing. The only topic of discussion in your customer experience is how every touchpoint or interaction impacts the customer – by all means, communicate to your market, that is what marketing should do, however your customer experience is what you actually must deliver. The two work together but marketing is not customer experience. What do you think? Tell us your opinion. 

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