It is never an easy task to find the right person for the job. COVID has delivered a forced change to the way we work, reach our clients, and provide products and services all while coming to terms with the “new normal”!  The impact of COVID is shaky territory for all of us and sometimes feels like a lonely battle-field; what is for certain is the unknown future combined with the volume of candidates and movement across industries is making hiring decisions that much harder.  

On the marketing front, prior to COVID, evolutions in technology, keeping the mindshare of customers, and delivering what they want when wanted were the main struggles.  Today; all those are still at the forefront, but now these challenges have been accelerated and, in many cases, turned upside down.  We have all heard about the new and creative ways companies have shifted their offerings, products, and accessibility.  

One area that is showing a significant movement is in the need for essential marketing support; to reach new clients, creative engagements, and re-vigour interest.   There are 4 key skills which are essential for all Marketing Managers, who want to be employed, successful, and thrive with courageous actions in this “Post COVID world of business”. 


For the last several months we have been working from home adapting to a virtual working environment is a key example of how we have to adapt in the new business world and become the norm. Below are 3 skills a Marketing Manager needs: 


Customer’s decision patterns, as we know them, changed dramatically when the world did; meeting up with friends and family, going out for dinnershopping for groceries, going overseas etc were taken away, and constraints were the replacements.  

The result; the necessity of fully understand customer needs has always been a priority; it is the engagement triggers and comfort levers for decision/buying that have changed and need to be considered. 

When hiring the 3 key traits a Post COVID Marketing Manager are: 

The connection and care for customers is paramount when delivering services or products 


 The role the digital world plays in our lives personally and professionally has reached unexpected heights.  The development of new technologies was having an impact digitally prior to COVID and now the way we interact online has become in many ways our support network.    

 While digital is an essential part of our marketing kit and many Marketing Managers say it is the only one, I disagree.  It is important when seeking out a Marketing Manager that their resume presents a solid understanding with proof in the results of core skill sets.  You do not need to be an expert in SEO and SEM, but understanding how they work from a strategic perspective is key to drive customer engagement and ROI.  Being a creative interrupter of the data is an important skill. 


 Leadership and management skills are top of the list for many companies these days, but it is as important that middle management show leadership as wellBeing a leader in a time of constant change is not easy and takes strength.  In my opinion, one thing that has come out of this pandemic that a leader of the new norm has to have purpose.   

 Leading with conviction and drive is so important it gives one personal strength as well as professional credibility. 

 The role of a Marketing Manager is getting tougher by the minute and the value of our skills from a monetary perspective is becoming devalued, CEOs and CFOs please do not undermine the expertise of your Marketing Manager and teams, work with them to drive of your business, after all isn’t that what you were after when you began your search? 

 Key takeaways for hiring the right Marketing Manager: 

Jacqui Brook – Business and Marketing Consultant 

The above article is based solely on the opinion and experiences of the author 

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