It is estimated that Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year, that is approximately 2,700,000 coffee cups thrown out EVERY SINGLE DAY and now going straight to landfill. 

Let’s face it you are probably highly unlikely to give up your morning latte, cappuccino, straight black, chai latte or green tea anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the environment has to pay.  


I know there are many reusable coffee cups on the market and I myself have purchased sooo many of them and just haven’t found the right one. They either leak, don’t fit in my cup holder, are too hard to clean, and they definitely don’t keep my coffee warm, so to my delight, my hubby purchased me the PERFECT CUP!! Yep hubby got brownie points for this, oh and I truly mean it, it is the PERFECT cup!! 

Do you want to know the secret coffee cup that ticks all the boxes?? 

Fressko Café Reusable Coffee Cups, why do they tick all the boxes?

Fressko flasks are a sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic, rubber, or paper take-away cups. They are designed in Melbourne, Australia, and are responsibly made in China using only 100% BPA Free materials, including the bamboo which is sourced from the mountains of Ningbo. 

Fressko flasks are built to stand the test of time. They have focussed on creating an earth-friendly product that looks beautiful and is exceptionally durable. 


When it comes to design and manufacture, Fressko have spared no expense. Their coffee cups are made to the highest standards from the best quality materials and are trendy and sleek. They come in 6 stylish colours and you can even dress them up with a beautifully crafted leather sleeve that comes in 7 colours.


Super easy to keep clean, just give it a warm hand wash and you are done. 


Fressko cups are durable, functional and can keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours, while staying cool to the touch. I don’t know about you but this is a HUGE tick for me, I know when I make my coffee and go and sit at my desk and get stuck into work I forget that I have a coffee and take a sip and it is COLDDDD, well my friend cold coffee NO MORE with the Fressko café cup, you can get stuck into work and know that your coffee is going to stay warm. 

Not only are all of the features super amazing, but it has also eased the guilt that I feel when I buy a coffee and then I just throw the cup and lid into the bin, and now that Disposable coffee cups can no longer be recycled, they will all be going directly to landfill.

Jump on board and get yourself a Fressko Re-usable Café Coffee Cup

Fressko also makes these gorgeous products:


Another super stylish flask with a bamboo lid and double walled glass to keep your drink hot or cold for hours, they also include Fressko’s 2-in-1 Infuser filter perfect for creating fruit infused water, or a fresh brew of tea. 


Fressko really have thought of everything, these are stunning flasks that are wrapped in real bamboo from the mountains of Ningbo. These flasks will keep your drink hot or cold for hours.


I don’t know about you but I just can’t go past the steel, they just speak to me, I love all of the stylish colours that they come in, there are 6 to choose from. They are vacuum sealed, leak proof, and also include Fressko’s 2-in1 Infuser filter perfect for creating fruit infused water, or a fresh brew of tea. 


Fressko’s Philosophy: Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself. 
Fressko are all about keeping things simple and sustainable. They care about the planet around us and are committed to giving their customers the highest quality, carefully designed products that make it easy to live healthy and consciously. 

Fressko flasks are sold online around the world, and in store across Australia, NZ, Asia, USA and UAE. 

Below you can find out more about Fressko and their amazing products: 


Or you can contact them directly: 

 AUTHOR: Kylie Gatt

This is not a sponsored article, I’m a genuine Fressko lover.

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