Small Business First

SAVE UP TO $1,250

Let's Grow Your Business...

We know that there are 3 hurdles to jump through when you are thinking of marketing your business!

1- Where to start, 2- budget and 3- how to get the job done.

The team at C4 is offering a “Grow your Business Plan”, including a “To Do List”, of actions and areas of focus that allow you to deliver the best outcome for your business, more sales.

The review includes:

We will be providing you with a documented review including tactics and recommendations of things you can do to drive interest in your business.

Just for, Kochie’s Small Business First, we will offer a flat fee of $1,250+GST, (normally this service starts at $2,450+GST).

You are not obligated, at all, for us to implement the recommendations – but if you do decide that the C4 team is who you want to do the work, we will offer an additional $350 OFF  the price to further assist jumpstarting your business.


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