The Future of Domestic Solar is Roof-Integrated Solar

New PV roofing system set to make solar integration mainstream

Put simply, Australia is behind the rest of the world in some areas of sustainable building, as the world drives toward net zero emissions and a cleaner environment.

Presently in Australia new houses are predominantly built with roofing material such as tiles or Colorbond and then, as an option, rooftop solar is affixed to it. Drive around new housing estates and you will see what I mean. It just doesn’t make any sense, but until now other options have been limited due to cost or lack of flexibility in roofing material.

Since launching in Europe in 2015, the Clearline Fusion roof-integrated solar solution has been installed on over 45,000 homes and is now mainstream on new housing developments, offering the highest quality at a cost comparable with above-roof installations.

The system includes patented design that means panels can be simply pushed together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing and with a gap between rows of only 5mm.

Don Holley, Director of Sollos, said: “Australians love their homes and home improvement. We also love our environment. We believe that products that maintain the kerb appeal of the property are going to become more and more important. Roof-integration is not just for new homes, it will become the norm in the future.”

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