The Process

Processes are not one size fits all. We work with you to develop what best suits your business goals.


Innovation is an embedded part of your strategy and if it not – you won’t get far. However, you need to be the right kind of disruptor.

Finding a high-margin, high-profit market may not be as hard as it sounds. You may not have to look beyond the markets you are already in.  I work with you, asking questions, researching to find answers and outlining what it is going to take to deliver the revenue you need.

The most profitable companies target the most profitable customers and are able to win over and keep customers long term.

Good habits drive success. Park the outdated practices. Let’s make it happen.


Delivering more to your customers than your competitors is your value. It’s that simple, but it’s hard to do.

To create more value, every business must know how your customers measure value not what you think that value is.

We look at all everything your customers do and use that to measure your value in your market. This is the starting point to where the opportunities for growth lie, what your marketing plans need to align to.

And then we get creative in how these plans need to look, feel and execute to deliver the results you need.  We look at everything, events, digital, social, research, thought leadership and old school. We can build it for you or work with your existing team to develop unique and creative plans that deliver the results you need.

Formulated correctly, a market strategy is your roadmap for growth. Your map often impacts the positioning and messaging of existing products, drives improvement in branding, customer acquisition, and sales efforts, and influences product enhancement and technology investment decisions. It is an integral part of your strategy, if it’s not, we know why you have your problems. 

Often, I look at existing strategies just to see if there is anything not thought of, that could be “tweaked” or adjusted just to ensure organisations are getting all they can out of that marketing budget!

Sometimes a fresh perspective makes all the difference.


Your product or services strategy needs to be a customised plan directed by your customer and the market.  If it’s not – why are you thinking about it?

Customers want you to solve a need, whether it is through a product or service it’s the means to the end, to provide a solution.

Building the right strategy begins with understanding the customer, conducting the right market research, looking at the overall business strategy and how it fits, competitive analysis, market analysis, and what the opportunity really is.

Working with you I look at what the development plan is as part of the go to market strategy, how and what needs to be done, what is available to build upon and how current marketing activities can be expanded on.  Why spend money where not needed.


Your people are your business strategy. It is the experience that they provide that keeps your customers wanting more. Ensuring that they understand the goals of the plans in place just makes sense.

When employees know what the needed outcome is and why the business is taking its chosen path, they are much more likely to get on board and make it happen. 

Open communication is essential to ensure your people are on board.  The most important competitive advantage you have is your people, and to achieve your growth goals your plans need to be shared. Together we develop the communications, ensuring your people are part of the plan to achieve your organisations full potential.


Across the value chain of your business, technology affects everything. You need to align your capabilities to your strategic and operational objectives.  As part of the plan, I work with my clients to ensure that they have the right technical capabilities in place to deliver the expected outcomes.

The right technology provides your organisation the best opportunity to be competitive, grow, drive innovation and enable your products/services to provide the excellent experience your customers expect.

It’s about future proofing and delivering your strategic goals.


We have all heard how the day to day activities get in the way of the bigger picture. 

Not to worry, need assistance in building, planning and executing on the deliverables of your strategy, it is part of what I do. I work with your teams to fill the gap and get the results.

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