This article summarises the key points in an excellent podcast interview with an expert on using a tactical marketing plan for the recovery.

Tracy Weller-McCormack guides us on the practical tips and tactics for your marketing, along with avoiding some common mistakes that can cost you time and money.

We identify the vital ingredients you need to build your marketing plan whether you are a new or existing business.

Introducing Tracy Weller-McCormack

Tracy Weller-McCormack, is the founder of C4MG, a tactical strategy and marketing company.

Tracy built an impressive agency in Canada called C4 and has a resume that has seen her in marketing leadership roles for numerous global brands. 

Since late 2018 Tracy has focused on building C4MG based in Sydney. Tracy shared her wealth of knowledge and experience in this interview on how to market in the COVID recovery.

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What is the key message in the interview?

Good marketing is effective, and the key now in the COVID-recovery phase is practical implementation, not theory.

At C4MG, we are successful because we focus on making a strategy happen through a tactical marketing plan.

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